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Wishing Wands Project




The Wishing Wands project is our way to help those Harry Potter fans that may not be able to afford a custom magic wand or for those that are having a tough time in their lives and need to know that someone cares about them.

Simply send me an e-mail or facebook message and nominate someone that you think could benefit from the Wishing Wands project. Please include a short message describing your nominee.

Imagine how differently Tom Riddle might have turned out if someone would have cared for him when he was young and alone.

Every couple of weeks my apprentice and I will choose one of the people that has been nominated and craft a wand specially for them.

You can nominate a friend, student, co-worker or anyone you know that loves Harry Potter and could use a little love (and Magic!) in their lives.

I can ship a wand anywhere in the world (private Thestral Herd), so anyone can be nominated.

Alas, we are a small shop and may not be able to fill every nomination, but, I will do as many as wizardly possible.

Many Thanks,




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All of our wands are hand turned, one at a time.
Each is finished with multiple coats of protective finish, and come in a Fabric Bag or Presentation box.
Each wand also comes with a vial of "Magical Essence" to make your wand more "Powerful"
We do lots of custom work and welcome any special orders and requests.





@Copyright 2014 The Hungarian Wand Shop